Welcome to the Indian food tour, the secret source being the street – Street food is insanely popular in the fast, overpopulated metropolitan habitat. We don’t have to take-outs or drive-thrus as much as we have “bhais” making us a quick snack mostly involving potatoes and deep-fried oil. Its unhealthy carb that you can’t keep your hands off while walking down any street in Mumbai.

So stop, stare, feast and repeat. If you can survive in Mumbai you could survive in New York. Let’s brief ourselves to food history.

Vada Pav

This city cannot live without this simple street food, it’s mostly easy to pack and take away or eat while your standing. This Indian version of a Mexican Taco is mashed potatoes with a coat of gram flour deep-fried and served with the Mumbai bread called “Pav” alongside fried chilli and two chutney mostly referring the green for spicy and red for sweet.

Pav Bhaji 

Again the Mumbai bread makes its way into the street food kingdom by being fried lightly with butter and served alongside “bhaji” a mixture of boiled vegetables mashed together with seasoning and spices. Served along with a big drop of butter and lemons in the side.

The Chaat kingdom 

This is a big category with panipuri, bhelpuri, ragda puri, Dahi puri.The basic is the same as around Puri broke with a finger to fill in chickpeas, potatoes, tamarind sauce for sweet, spices and green water that comprises of chilli and mint leaves.Some puri has the same drill just add one like curd or tomatoes and onion or ragda, etc. These tasty delights make your mouth water literally with the filling stuffed in you better eat it as fast as you can.


The Indian burrito legit discovered in Mumbai it’s a wrap of flour containing the filling as per your requirement  potatoes, chicken, mutton, eggs or noodles consisting the main ingredients Raw onion and spice. It’s gathered and rolled in a flat iron plate and served with a paper wrap. The filling is so heavy that it’s an art to eat it outdoors without dropping it on the other side.

Sandwich – The Mumbai Style 

The sandwich might be different in your country but here we developed our own concept for the vegetarian crowd. Two pieces of bread filled with ingredients you usually use in your salad tomatoes, cucumbers, beetroot, onion rings, boiled potatoes and mint chutney. The refreshing taste perfect for the humid weather.

Bun Maska

It’s the utter simplicity of this that makes it perfect for tea time it’s the crunchy pav made from Bun with a coat of rich butter. The perfect combination for the Chai – the Indian version of tea.The butter and sweet tea it a real high after the afternoon siesta.

Kheema Pav 

The term pav is a recurring fact. Mumbai Street food cannot live without the pav served with minced meat Cooked with spices and served with freshly chopped onion rings and lemons to squeeze adding more taste to the food.

Misal Pav 

A Maharashtrian dish served with pav. The main ingredient being a spicy gravy with moth beans, it’s topped with onions, farsan, lemon and coriander . Warning it gets extremely spicy along the way so I suggest you keep buttermilk on hand to experience the spicy ting smothered with curd.


A sweet dish in liquid form making its way in a glass consisting of flavoured milk, tapioca pearls, gelatin and vermicelli. Traditionally made its parent through a rose-flavoured milk and rose syrup now is updated with many variations. Voila, you could even enjoy it with a scoop of ice cream.

Masala Dosa 

Taken from the south this fast-food thrives in the north a thin pancake layer consisting of fermented rice batter and a pinch of salt is served wrapped between hot potato mash with vegetables and spices making it look yellow served with sides of sambar and chutney.